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Idea World Revolves Around 2G and 3G Mobile Plans

One of India's leading telecom operators - and, indeed, one with a high profile visibility owing to Bollywood actor Abhishek Bacchan's eponymous association with it as Sir-ji - Idea Cellular, a holding of the Aditya Birla Group, is one of those few telecom operators in India who are premised solely on their mobile phone services and are yet amongst the leaders in the industry. Idea Cellular, as is clear now, is about 2G and 3G mobile services only. As part of its 2G services, Idea enables both postpaid and prepaid access. Idea is best known for GSM services, being, as market research reckons, one of India's farthest reaching GSM service providers. The way Idea Prepaid and Idea Postpaid function is obvious enough: while prepaid requires payments to be made first and add-on plans enabling texting, calling and internet browsing at discounted rates to be subscribed for on one-time basis, Idea Postpaid plans are premised on monthly payments compound of a fixed monthly rental and then the corresponding amount of usage as evaluated on the basis of the plan and add-ons opted for. Further, Idea Prepaid also offers a one paisa per second call charge and is then, given that plan, as cheap as it literally gets. Idea's other mainstay is Idea 3G . Given a 3G compatible handset, Idea 3G plans come with a comprehensive enough range suitable for almost all requirements and budgets. Idea 3G offers internet speeds up to 21.1 mbps and is then faster than many broadband options of established internet facilitators; this, however, depends heavily on plan and network connectivity. Be that as it may, just like its 2G services, Idea 3G also comes as both a prepaid and a postpaid facility, different places in India having different tariff rates depending on type of plan and network connectivity.