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BSNL Broadband and 3G Plans for All

BSNL, or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, is India's biggest public sector telecom operator. It has been known for a long time now for its telephone and mobile services as well as internet services. With changing market trends, BSNL today is also a major player in the broadband and 3G services sector in the country. BSNL Broadband comes both as a fixed line service and a wireless service. The fixed line service, like most others of its kind, can be used as a wireless one within a certain, local network by installing a Wi-Fi router that connects to the modem and facilitates wireless internet access but the fixture of a line, a necessitating modem and the relevant, fixed monthly rental for this modem does remain. On the other hand, BSNL's wireless services, premised as they are on a USB dongle, a data card, do not have any of these factors even as they offer similar broadband facilities. A BSNL Datacard , then, is more suitable for persons with high mobility and/or those with tighter budgets who can do without monthly rentals. Of course, today the computer is not the only way to access the internet. The 3G revolution in mobile phone technology has irrevocably changed the way we conceive computing and relate to internet usage. BSNL 3G is the new age way to access the internet - and that too broadband - at affordable costs through your mobile phone itself. Like 2G CDMA and GSM services, BSNL 3G Plans too comes both in prepaid and postpaid, thus allowing customers the freedom to choose a plan which suits their requirements and budget the most. However, BSNL 3G is not restricted to mobile phones alone; with an appropriate BSNL 3G data card plan, one can access the same 3G services one would on a mobile on a desktop or laptop as well.