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Reliance Mobile - GSM and CDMA

A part of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group, Reliance Communications is a major player in the telecom industry in India. It offers a host of services besides enabling mobile telecommunication; 3G, broadband internet and Dish TV are part of the other facilities which it provides.

As part of its 2G services, Reliance Mobile offers both GSM and CDMA facilities. GSM, or Global System for Mobile Communication, is presently one of the most widely used cellular technologies in the world. Reliance GSM is made available through specially manufactured handsets which have GSM technology inbuilt into them. These handsets are marketed by Reliance Mobile as such and so present the most viable option for using Reliance GSM. Besides these, Reliance GSM can also be got by purchasing a SIM card - either postpaid or prepaid - and using it through a GSM compatible handset.

In case of Reliance CDMA, the same facility of specially manufactured and marketed handsets is available. Till some time back, it was not possible to change one's phone in case of a Reliance CDMA handset but with latest technological improvements one can now upgrade to a new phone keeping the same Reliance CDMA number.

Of course, last but not the least, both Reliance GSM and CDMA are available as postpaid and prepaid connections. Reliance prepaid is a viable option for those who like to keep a strict tab on their monthly spending. On the other hand, Reliance postpaid plans provide customers a lot of leeway in terms of spending. However, even as customers of postpaid are saved the bother or routinely recharging their plan and keeping a constant watch on their second by second spending in terms of texting, calling and internet usage, they do run the danger of going over the top with their spending.