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Prepaid and Postpaid: A Comparison

We all know how perfectly indispensible mobile phones have become to life as we know it. Emergence of new, cost-effective manufacturers has also given a boost to this industry by making it possible for almost everybody to have a mobile phone of their choice at various affordable prices. Yet, even as mobile phones become more and more accessible, the problem of plan still remains: what will be the most cost effective and convenient mobile phone plan that will meet all one's requirements within an affordable range is a problem that many of us face today. The best prepaid plan would be the one that offers most talk-time for the lowest price. Similarly, the best postpaid plan would be one which has the lowest rent. That call rates have to be low is a given for either of the two.

There is, unfortunately, no simple, easy way out of this. To choose a mobile phone plan that will work the most for you is often quite a time consuming and tiring task. One cannot blindly rely on what companies advertise. While choosing a mobile phone plan, it is essential to compare plans keeping one's personal requirements in mind and then choose an option which would work the best. Indeed, which plan works out to be the best prepaid plan or the best postpaid plan entirely depends on your individual requirements.

The first thing to consider is what suits you more, prepaid or postpaid. In lay terms, the difference between prepaid plans and postpaid plans is that while as customers of postpaid plans you pay a certain fixed, monthly amount as your rental and top it with whatever you have spent, as customers of prepaid plans you get to use mobile services for only as much as you have used it. Postpaid plans give you the freedom to use your mobile without the bother of recharging every now and then, though unbridled usage does often lead to inflated bills. Prepaid plans let you fix a cap and within that you can get add-on packages for messaging, calling and so on to further reduce your bill. Such packages are usually available in postpaid as well, though the monthly rental is usually a bit higher for more cost effective plans. So whether you're out to search for the best prepaid plan or the best postpaid plan, it is recommended to do a bit of research before making a concrete decision.