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Mobile TV - The latest upcoming technology in India

Today, one of the upcoming technologies in India is Mobile TV that would permit the user to watch television on his/her mobile phone. Now-a-days, mobile phones have become the ubiquitous devices among those users who want everything on their handsets just from organizing their time schedule for work to listening favorite music and playing games. That’s why, Mobile TV has become very popular these days. With this feature, you will never miss your favorite TV serial or Cricket match whether you’re in train, bus or anywhere. Recall the days when you had missed lots of time your favorite TV serial or live cricket match. Now, you can watch television on your handset without any hassle. Actually, Mobile television is works as a small receiver that enables you to receive, transmit and record the signals of television on the go. In India Reliance, Tata Docomo, MTNL, Vodafone Provideing Mobile TV Services on 3G Phone.

Mobile Television is best in casual situation too such as going for evening walk, meeting with your old friends or you’re going from one location to another location. You can enjoy your favorite serial anywhere whether you’re at home or anywhere else. Besides, this technology is also beneficial in an emergency situation as Mobile TV can intimate you through EAS bulletins concerning what are coming. So, for tracking the latest activity, you can tune local stations and can view radar images over phone. This high technology is also useful to calm down your children when they’re going with you out of city. They can enjoy their favorite cartoon channels while you’re driving.

Besides, Mobile TV is also helpful in the situations when you want to watch live cricket match and others don’t. In that case, you can enjoy your match on your little mobile phone. This way, you can keep happy of your family members too.

By concluding, Mobile TV is an ultimate technology that will allow you to watch television wherever and whenever you want. However, you should turn off this feature when not required as it can drain the battery of your mobile as well as it can cost more on your mobile bill. So turn off as soon as possible when not in use. Conversely, enjoy your favorite TV serial on your mobile.

Mobile TV Plans: 

  • Vodafone Mobile TV
  • MTNL Mobile TV
  • Tata Docomo Mobile TV
Vodafone Mobile TV :
You may access close to 75 Unique Channels on Vodafone. The charges vary from as less as Rs3/day for 1 channel to as much as Rs 150/month for all channels. Apart from the subscriptions, you would also be charged for Data surfing as per your plan. The data transfer rates are faster on 3G and hence you would experience better clarity in video.

To activate: SMS TV to 111(toll free). You would receive a WAP link to click and download the client onto your device. You can alternatively log onto Vodafone live and select the link Vodafone TV on the home page.
To deactivate: SMS CAN TVALL to unsubscribe from all channels. Alternatively, you may go to My Packages and select the channel which you wish to unsubscribe.

MTNL Mobile TV :-
MTNL has launched Mobile TV service both 2 G and 3 G subscriber. By Using this service, customers will be able to view live TV on his Handset. From more than 40 channels available presently, the bouquet of channels will be increased by including more channels in future.

To activate: For customers having GPRS/3G:Customers can send SMS “MOBILETV” to 53388. A link will be sent to the customer. The customer can click on the link and download the application.

TARIFF for the services:
All channels per Month:   Rs 150(Excluding Premium channels)
One channel per Month:  Rs 50
One channel per Day:     Rs10 (24 Hrs from the time of registration).

Tata Docomo Mobile TV :-
Enjoy your favourite channels live, pause & play back or even record clips. Post them on your favourite social network & let your friends know what you’re watching. You can also browse the program guide and set reminders. Tata DOCOMO has got over 50 channels to enjoy.

To Activation: Send an SMS as “Mobile TV” to 53333. You will receive a Download Link. Click on the link to get the application downloaded on to handset. The SMS sending & download of application is not charged.

To Deactivation: “Unsubscribe” option provides you the facility to switch from one plan to any other plan and also to unsubscribe to this service at any point of time.